J. rockett audio designs APE Analog Preamp Experiment

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J.ROCKETT AUDIO DESIGNS APE Analog Preamp Experiment effect pedal is a unique design and an accurate re-creation of the famous Echoplex vintage tape delay's analogue section, with the correct 22.5v, just like the original.
This is not just a preamp, but rather the entire analogue circuit from input to output including the sonic influence of the tape heads.
Simply use the pedal for standalone EP3 tones or add your favorite delay into the loops to give your delay pedal that Echoplex magic.

- J.ROCKETT AUDIO DESIGNS APE Analog Preamp Experiment
- Multi functions delay, preamp, boost, drive
- Compact effect pedal
- Made in USA
- 2019
- Analog circuit
- Controls : Mix, Repeats, Rec
- On/Off Bypass switch (True Bypass)
- Loop switch
- Metal enclosure
- In/out Jack mono 6,3 mm
- Send/Return Jack mono 6,3 mm
- Powered via optional 9V DC power supply (2,1 x 5,5 mm plug, negative center, cons. 39 mA)
- Doesn't work with battery
- 108 x 76 x 50 mm
- 492 g
- Manual : https://rockettpedals.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/Ape-Instruction-Manual-1.pdf
- Euroguitar Referenz : 92513
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