Supro 1303 Boost

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Simple and effective, the SUPRO 1303 Boost is a J-FET based "clean" pre-amp effect pedal, ideally suited to pushing the front end of a tube amp. It delivers up to 20db noiseless gain boost plus optional High Pass or Low Pass filtering to contour your sound.
The Supro Boost pedal remains clean and sweet at all settings, no matter how hard you push it with other pedals earlier in the chain.
The Supro boost also remains frequency linear as the gain is adjusted, allowing the musician to set the desired level of boost without sacrificing overall tone or requiring them to adjust their amp’s EQ settings to compensate.

The Supro Boost pedal sports a simple control layout with a single Volume knob and an oversized toggle switch to select BRIGHT, FLAT or DARK overall frequency response.
The BRIGHT mode enables a 3db/octave HP (high pass) filter. This setting is useful for thinning out humbucker guitars when adding boost to increase sparkle and prevent mud.
The DARK mode enables a 3db/octave LP (low pass) filter. This setting is useful for fattening up single coil guitars when adding boost, to increase warmth and prevent harshness.

Supro stompboxes are hand-assembled in Port Jefferson, NY, USA. These state-of-the-art pedals feature custom-tooled, anodized, brushed-aluminum enclosures, 9V battery or AC-powered operation, rear-mounted metal jacks, easy-access side-mounted battery drawer, noiseless (click-free) true-bypass switching and unique, expression pedal functionality

- SUPRO 1303 Boost
- SKU SP1303
- Clean boost / pre-amp / volume effect pedal
- Made in Port Jefferson, NY, USA
- Frequency linear boost up to 20db
- 6db per octave High Pass Filter option
- 6db per octave Low Pass Filter option
- BRIGHT mode enables a 3db/octave high pass filter
- DARK mode enables a 3db/octave low pass filter
- TRS port for expression pedal control (Volume)
- High-fidelity, active volume pedal with user-adjustable minimum and maximum settings
- External Volume knob sets the maximum value, while an internal trimmer sets the minimum volume
- Power Supply 9V/18V, 2.1mm, neg. tip
- Current Draw< 20mA
- Battery 9V included
- 8 x 8 x 12.5 cm
- 0,5 kg
- Anodized brushed aluminum housing
- Euroguitar Referenz : 82978
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