Laney A-SOLO

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The LANEY A-SOLO is a professional, compact and portable acoustic guitar amplifier, dedicated to delivering a clean and clear amplified acoustic guitar tone wherever you need it. Whether in the Studio or live on stage the A-SOLO delivers every time. The A-SOLO has two completely independent channel strips. Flexible enough to allow for connection of either a mic and an instrument, two different acoustic instruments or even a blend of separate mic and pickup connections from the same instrument. Equally, at home or on the biggest stages in the world the A-SOLO can be your main sound source on an, intimate stage or your personal monitor on bigger stages. The A-Solo is loaded with big stage pro spec features such as feedback elimination and a pro spec DI out.

- Gitarrenverstärker leistung : 50 bis 99 watts
- Lautsprecher konfiguration : 1x8
- Technologie : transistor
- Amplifier for acoustic/electric guitar and microphone
- Closed combo
- 2019
- 60 watts Class D
- 1x8"
- 2 independant channels
- Digital reverb/chorus integrated
- Phantom power for condenser mics
- Controls : see pictures
- In/outs : see pictures
- Optional FS2-MINI footswitch
- 265mm x 347mm x 258mm
- 6.70 kg
- Manuel anglais :
- Euroguitar Referenz : 86966
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