Revv Generator 120 MK3

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- Gitarrenverstärker leistung : 100 watts und mehr
- Technologie : röhre
• All tube design: 5 x 12AX7, 4 x 6L6GC
• 4 Channels: Clean, Crunch and two switchable, variable Gain channels
• 3 band EQ per channel
• Signature Wide, Drive, and Aggression switches
• Bright switch on all channels
• Cut switch on both overdrive channels allows for brighter distortion or a deeper/scooped type of distortion by shifting mid range frequencies for tons of tone variety
• Fat switch on both overdrive channels to thicken your high gain tones
• Built in digital reverb
• Built in noise gate
• Dual master volume controls (Foot switchable)
• Presence and depth controls
• Two notes Torpedo Embedded Virtual Cabinet Selector
• Headphone output jack
• Bluetooth controllable
• Illuminated color changing acrylic badge
• LED lighting for control verification
• MIDI capabilities as well as CC control of all functions and OMNI functionality for easy MIDI programming control
• Foot switch included with regular switching duties (Channels, wide, drive, aggression levels, FX loop, masters and mute) plus patch mode which saves your favorite amplifier settings to one of the 6 banks
• Cabinet lighting port to illuminate speaker cabinet badge
• Transparent serial effects loop
• 4, 8, 16 ohm output impedance speaker output jacks
• Internal load (automatically engages when no cabinet is detected
• Power scaling from 120w down to 10w
• Ground lift switch
• Two notes Embedded Stereo XLR Outputs
• Rear Bias test points with easily accessed adjustments for each power tube pair as well as tube fault indication
• Baltic birch head shell
• Handcrafted in Canada with high quality standards of both sound and build
• 5-Year limited warranty
- Euroguitar Referenz : 97421
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