Tone king Gremlin Combo - Cream

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Über das Produkt

There’s nothing quite like the sounds of a cranked-up blackface or tweed-era guitar amplifier. Getting those tones at the reduced volume levels modern players often encounter has been increasingly difficult, unless you possess a TONE KING Gremlin Combo 1x12” 5-watt all-tube electric guitar amplifier.
Whether you’re picking at home or keeping up with a drummer, the Gremlin dishes out enough vintage-vibe to inspire. The amp’s two inputs and simple control layout make finding your tone an intuitive process. Plug into the Rhythm channel for a more blackface tone with bell-like highs and increased headroom. Or maybe the Lead input’s tweed-style drive is more your flavor. Thanks to our very own Ironman II power attenuator, on the back, you’re able to enjoy all of the juicy goodness of maxed power tubes at a level that won’t wake the neighbors. If you're drawn to the American-side of cranked vintage amps, your tone is in the Gremlin.

Vintage U.S. amp tones
It's brilliant, the variety of tones you’ll get from this unassuming combo tube amp. Whether you prefer cleaner tones as a pedal platform, or live for pushing your amp into sweet-sounding overdrive, the Gremlin’s got it. Plug in an optional A/B/Y footswitch, and it’s all yours on-demand.

• Rhythm and Lead channels are voiced for blackface and tweed tones
• Rhythm offers more headroom, while Lead is a more driven voice
• Select your input or jump the channels with an optional A/B/Y footswitch

Onboard Ironman II power attenuator
Even at 5-watt, the Gremlin is plenty powerful to keep up with most drummers. But we put our Ironman reactive load power attenuator right onboard to get that same sweet amp drive at bedroom levels. Experience the screaming tube tone we all crave, at a volume everyone will agree on.

- Gitarrenverstärker leistung : 0 bis 29 watts
- Lautsprecher konfiguration : 1x12
- Technologie : röhre
- TONE KING Gremlin Combo
- Electric guitar amplification, all tube circuitry (2x KT66 power, 2x 12AX7 preamp)
- Closed combo
- Hand-made in USA
- 5-watts
- 1x 12" Celestion Custom designed, 8-Ohm, ceramic magnet speaker
- Dual channel (separate inputs, common volume and tone controls)
- Rhythm and Lead channels are voiced for blackface and tweed tones
- Rhythm offers more headroom, while Lead is a more driven voice
- Ironman II Compensated Power Attenuator, Fletcher-Munson Circuitry
- 1x 8 Ohms speaker out
- 572 x 489 x 267 mm
- 16,4 kg
- Euroguitar Referenz : 90851
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