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Über das Produkt

The AT-100 is modern, stylish, and compact, beautifully accenting its surroundings without occupying much space. With 120 types of built-in musical instruments, 80 rhythms (each with four variations), plus harmonic bars for authentic tone control, the AT-100 provides a surprisingly wide lineup of sound and rhythm for its price and size class

Keyboard: Upper: 49 keys (C3 to C7) with 10 levels Initial Touch ; Lower: 61 keys (Waterfall keyboard, C2 to C7) with 10 levels Initial Touch
Pedalboard: 20 keys (C2 to G3)
Pedals: Damper Pedal, Expression Pedal
Foot Switch: 2 (function assignable)

Sound Generator: Conforms to GM2/GM/GS/XG lite
Max.Polyphony: 128
Voice: 120 Voices (Included 5 Active Expression Voices)
Drums/SFX Sets: 8 Drum Sets + 1 SFX Set
Effects: Rotary Sound, RSS Reverb, Sustain, Glide
Part: Upper Part: Upper / Lower Part: Lower / Solo Part: Solo / Pedal Part: Pedal
Vintage Organ: Flute (with harmonic bars)

Other Functions
Registration: Memories: 8 / Function: Load Next, File Edit
Harmony Intelligence: 9 types
Master Tuning: 415.3 Hz to 466.2 Hz (0.1 Hz steps)
Key Transpose: -4 to +7 (in semitones)
Playback Transpose: -6 to +5 (in semitones)

Rhythm: 80 rhythms in 8 groups x 4 variations
User Rhythm: 99 rhythms
Arranger Function: Tempo, Arranger On/Off, Start/Stop, Sync Start, Intro/Ending, Intro Count Down, Break, Auto Fill In, Variation (4 variations), One Touch Program, Chord Intelligence, Leading Bass, Auto Standard
One Touch Program: 80 rhythms x 4 variations

Tracks: 7 tracks (playback)
Note Storage: Approx. 40,000 notes
Song Length: Max. 999 measures
Tempo: Quarter note = 20 to 500
Resolution: 120 ticks per quarter note
Recording: Realtime (Replace)
Lyrics Display: Alphabet

File Storage
Media: USB memory, floppy disk (in the case of using optional USB floppy disk drive FD-01A)
Save Format: MUSIC ATELIER original format, SMF format 0
Songs: Max. 99 songs for each folder

Rated Power Output: 20 W + 20 W
Speaker: Full-range: 16 cm x 2

Graphic 128 x 64 dots backlit LCD

Audio Output Jacks (L/mono, R), Audio Input Jacks (L/mono, R), Phones Jacks (stereo) x 2, MIDI connectors (In, Out), USB (MIDI) Jack, External Memory connector (USB Memory connector), AC Inlet

Power Supply: AC 117 V, 230 V, 240 V
Power Consumption: 70 W
Finish: Simulated Dark Walnut
Accessories: Music Rest, Power Cord, Knob Bolt x 2, Console Cover, Cord Hook, Owner's Manual, Voice & Rhythm Guide

Dimensions 48.38" x 21.33" x 21.34" (1229 x 542 x 1096 mm)
Weight 119.05 lbs. (54 kg)
Euroguitar Referenz : 21601
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