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The Imagine is a plugin offered by the brand Expressive E.

Key Features of Imagine

  • Discover a whole new universe of sounds and playing expressions, fully compatible with Touché and its companion software, Lié.

  • Imagine a modulation paradise: to explore new expression possibilities, Imagine offers MSEGs (Multi-Stage Envelope Generators) that provide a wide range of modulations to enrich your sounds.

  • Modulation presets: each sound and parameter can be modulated by a variety of envelopes, simple or complex, allowing for quick creation of grooves and textures. Imagine includes dozens of envelope presets to facilitate your sonic exploration.

  • Deep customization: Each modulation shape can be fully adjusted or created from scratch using a dedicated drawing tool. You can sync modulations to tempo, loop them, and much more.

  • Optimized macro system: Imagine features 4 macros that can be assigned to any combination of parameters, allowing simultaneous control over multiple knobs.

Key Functionalities of Imagine

Unconventional Instruments

Imagine offers hundreds of layers of modeled instruments, each with a unique and bold sonic identity. The included 400 presets combine two of these instrument layers to create original acoustic timbres.

Playful Sound Design

Imagine provides simple visual macros for each instrument layer, offering an efficient and playful sound design experience.

Enhance and Articulate

Imagine includes stereo delay, reverb, and a vibrato/freq shifter section for creative sound shaping. A tilt EQ and compressor limiter offer additional control, while a unique expressive effects module consisting of 11 modulation effects allows for bold sonic combinations.


Imagine is an extremely versatile plugin suitable for all musical styles. For a concrete preview, listen to these mini tracks. Except for the drums, all sounds were created entirely with Imagine.

Expert Reviews

  • The Imagine plugin by Expressive E stands out for its innovative approach and its ability to transform how musicians approach sound creation. By combining an intuitive interface with advanced features, Imagine pushes the boundaries of virtual sound synthesis.

  • The Imagine plugin by Expressive E is positioned as an essential tool for music professionals seeking new sonic possibilities. Its unique combination of user-friendliness, sound power, and flexibility makes it a must-have choice for any modern production studio.

Expressive E Compatibility:
designed for Touché (SE) controllers with existing MIDI, no MPE (Osmose) support

macOS 10.13 and above / Windows 10 and above
Minimum recommended processor: Intel Core i5-7400 or AMD Ryzen 5 2600 or Apple M1

Plug-in formats:
AU / VST / VST3 (64-bit only)

440 factory presets, incl. *.TEM version for Linked
324 instrument presets
150 arpeggiator presets
200 MSEG presets

Licensing system:
PACE iLok, no hardware dongle required, up to 3 activations learn even more
Euroguitar Referenz : 112300
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