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Über das Produkt

The ONE LA 500 is a 500-format compressor/limiter from IGS Audio.

ONE LA 500 highlights

  • The classic LA2A in your 500 series rack!

  • This tube compressor/limiter is built with top-of-the-range components from Sowter, Edcor and Carnhill.

  • In compression mode, it boasts a ratio of 4:1, and in limiter mode, the ratio is 100:1. In short, this is an audio device that will fit perfectly into your pro studio!

  • If you use two ONE LA 500s as a stereo pair, you'll be able to use it as an excellent bus compressor.

Key features of the ONE LA 500

Two happy buttons

The ONE LA 500 from IGS is an opto-compressor designed for 500-series racks. It is IGS's very first high-voltage lamp module for this series. It is powered at 250V DC via an integrated voltage converter, allowing it to be installed in any 500-series rack equipped with a standard power supply.
Three audio transformers (IGS Custom for the audio circuit and OEP for the sidechain) guarantee exceptional performance. With just two knobs and a single compressor/limiter switch, operation is perfectly intuitive. What's more, the photocell is easy to replace, ensuring simple, effective maintenance.

Exceptional craftsmanship

Each ONE LA unit is meticulously hand-assembled with carefully matched high-quality components, such as 1% metal-film resistors and Wima capacitors. Equipped with JJ tubes, each ONE LA is individually calibrated to guarantee a faithful and authentic reproduction of the iconic characteristics of the famous Teletronix '68 LA-2A opto-compressor. We've spent hundreds of hours developing the ONE LA to ensure it's easy to use yet extremely versatile. Whether enriching vocals and harmonic strings, or boosting the low frequencies of bass drums and low instruments, the ONE LA excels in all areas.

Expert opinions

  • The IGS Audio ONE LA 500 compressor embodies excellence and precision in analog audio processing. Designed with attention to detail and quality engineering, this unit stands out for its exceptional performance and versatility.

  • Built to last, this product benefits from robust construction and high-quality components. Its steel chassis and selected electronic components ensure rock-solid reliability for professional studio environments.

  • The ONE LA 500 delivers remarkably clear sound reproduction. Thanks to its discrete audio circuitry and Lundahl transformers, it delivers a warm, transparent sound that enhances the character of audio sources without compromise.

Module format: 500 Series

VU Meter

Modes: Limiter / Compressor

Output Gain Level Control

Peak Reduction

Bypass Switch

Operating Level: +4 dBu

Original Teletronix 68' Audio Circuit

Input Stage Tubes: JJ 12AX7, Output: JJ 12AU7

Max Output Level: +21 dBu
Euroguitar Referenz : 95221
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