X-tone Velvet

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The Velvet is a kind of studio condenser microphone, its black and round appearance is classic and elegant.
with a capsule designed to be stiffer for better transient response.
the velvet will offer you a suitable direction, for you to recording.
it is also versatile enough to use recording and broadcasting and also use on all your finest instruments including percussion, piano, strings, and such of instruments.
Velvet is the better choice for your recording.

At Star's Music, we are proud of our range of studio microphones, developed in-house under our own brand. We work closely with specialized factories in the production of studio microphones, ensuring that each microphone is designed with the most demanding specifications for exceptional sound quality. We have selected studio microphones from different brands and models, ranging from the most affordable to the high-end, to meet the needs of all budgets. We have evaluated the technical characteristics, performance, and manufacturing quality of each microphone to offer superior products to our customers. Our X-tone brand studio microphones are designed to provide exceptional sound quality, high sensitivity, and optimal frequency response for capturing vocals, acoustic instruments, and percussion.

- Capsule Size :34mm
- Polar pattern: cardiod
- Sensitiviy: -32db
- frequency response: 20hz-20khz
- impedance: 200ohm
- S/N ratio 87db
- Equivalent noise level:16db
- Max spl: 134db
- power requirement: 48 v Phantom power
- power consumption: <1ma
- Size: 220mmx65mm
- Connector: 3-pin XLR male, gold plated contacts
- Euroguitar Referenz : 92046
X-TONE Velvet + XM 5200 Filtre Anti Pop
1 x
X-TONE Velvet
1 x
X-TONE XM 5200 Anti Pop Filter
Gesamt TTC : 368.00€
Discount : 9.00€
Gesamt garaged TTC : 359.00€
X-TONE Velvet + X-TONE xh 6001 Pied Micro Telescopique
1 x
X-TONE Velvet
1 x
X-TONE xh 6001 Telescopic Microphone Stand
Gesamt TTC : 383.90€
Discount : 27.90€
Gesamt garaged TTC : 356.00€
X-TONE Velvet X-Screen Pro
1 x
X-TONE Velvet
1 x
X-TONE X-Screen Pro
1 x
X-TONE X2001-3M - XLR(M) / XLR(F) SILVE...
Gesamt TTC : 564.00€
Discount : -35.00€
Gesamt garaged TTC : 599.00€
X-TONE Pack velvet X-screen
1 x
X-TONE Velvet
1 x
X-TONE X-Screen
1 x
X-TONE X2001-3M - XLR(M) / XLR(F) SILVE...
Gesamt TTC : 434.00€
Discount : -1.00€
Gesamt garaged TTC : 435.00€
X-TONE velvet descreen
1 x
X-TONE Velvet
1 x
X-TONE descreen
1 x
X-TONE X2001-3M - XLR(M) / XLR(F) SILVE...
Gesamt TTC : 444.00€
Discount : 3.00€
Gesamt garaged TTC : 441.00€
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