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36 rue Littré, Lille
von Montag bis Samstag
10h-12h30 & 14h-19h

Telefon : 03 20 88 85 85


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• XP125SD-X 12” DTX TCS 2-Zone Snare Pad
• PCY175 3-Zone 17” Cymbal Pad for ride cymbal with positional sensing
• KP128 12” Mesh Head Kick Pad
• 3x Kit Modifi er Knobs to instantly add real sampled room Ambience, Compression and other Effects
• Independent Compression, 3 Sweepable Band EQ, Transient Adjustment and Insert Effect for every channel
• 256-note Polyphony
• 8 Individual Outputs plus Master Left and Right
• MIDI Interface: Both USB and 5-pin MIDI In and Out
• USB: computer/tablet/phone linking and Sample loading
• Internal Effects: Yes – Compression, Transient Control, and EQ on every channel, plus 2x Send Effects, plus Master Effects
• Headphone Connection: 6.3mm and 3.5mm
• Auxiliary Input: 6.3mm and 3.5mm
• Integrated Metronome & Training Functions
• Recording Function: 90 minutes to a USB Stick
• Digital Output: USB Audio to Device, or record direct to USB drive
• DTXPROX Drum Trigg er Module
• XP125SD-X 12” TCS Snare Pad (x1)
• XP105T-X 10” Tom Pads (x2)
• XP125T-X 12” Tom Pad (x1)
• KP128 Kick Pad (x1)
• PCY175 Pad (x1) Ride Pad
• PCY155 Pad (x1) Crash Pad
• PCY135 Pad (x1) Crash Pad
• RHH135 HiHat Controller and Stand
• RS10-HXR Hex Rack System
• Power adapter, Module Holder, manual
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