Yamaha FGDP-30

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The Yamaha FGDP-30 is an electronic multi-pad.

Featuring ultra-sensitive pads and an ergonomic layout perfect for drumming, the FGDP includes a tone generator, internal speaker and rechargeable battery, making it a true all-in-one instrument you can play anywhere. Let your fingers set the rhythm!
The FGDP-30 features a special pad layout, meticulously designed to optimize finger-styling for ergonomic comfort.
The "home" position lets you effortlessly execute fundamental rhythms, such as eighth notes, with just one hand. You can use your other hand to play the other symmetrical pads to trigger captivating sixteenth-note or double-kick rhythms.
Equipped with a large number of pads perfectly suited to finger drumming, the FGDP lets you achieve your best performances, setting it apart from conventional MIDI samplers and pads.

Ultra-sensitive pads in an optimized layout
- Built-in speaker
- Rechargeable battery
- USB MIDI / Audio
- Auxiliary input
- 39 preset kits
- 1,212 instrument voices
- Two register buttons
Euroguitar Referenz : 108404
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