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The YAmaha Stagepas 200 is a portable PA system.

The STAGEPAS 200 offers all the features you would expect from a high-quality portable PA system in a remarkably compact cubic
in a remarkably compact cube-shaped housing. In addition to its portability and sound quality, it
features and mixing capacity, intuitive operation, Bluetooth audio compatibility and control, and
Bluetooth audio compatibility and remote control. Available with an optional battery, the STAGEPAS
200 is suitable for a wide range of applications, from street performances to all types of events, parties and
events, parties and speeches.
A high-quality 8" (LF) + 1.4" (HF) coaxial compression driver is powered by a 180W Class D amplifier, providing
Class D amplifier, offering best-in-class sound pressure, accurate phase response, natural high frequency dispersion and
phase response, natural high-frequency dispersion and remarkably detailed sound. The integrated five-channel
section (3 mono mic/line inputs and 1 stereo line input) offers unprecedented flexibility for a sound system.
flexibility for such a compact sound system. Each input channel is equipped with
Each input channel is equipped with Yamaha's exclusive EQ/preset and 1-knob effect control. With the compressor
"Mode" compressor on the main output, users can easily and intuitively create the sound they
desired sound.
The 1-knob EQ/preset for input channels 1-3 also includes a built-in microphone simulator, allowing users to adjust the sound of the microphone.
microphone simulator, allowing the optimal sound for acoustic guitars to be set with a single touch. A
ducker reduces the volume of other sources when a microphone is used, while an intelligent feedback filter
filter automatically eliminates unwanted noise.
The STAGEPAS 200 is very easy to use: in addition to the onboard controls, the Yamaha STAGEPAS
Controller app for iOS and Android allows precise and instant remote control of volume, EQ and effects such as reverb, compression, microphone simulator, attenuator and feedback suppressor. Settings can be saved and recalled, dramatically reducing setup time, ensuring a consistent sound and allowing users to focus solely on
their performance. All this in a cabinet of only 30 cm3!
The versatility of the system is underlined by a rubber foot that allows the STAGEPAS 200 to be tilted at 30o or 60o, for use as a floorstanding speaker or as a stage monitor for performers. The base of the cabinet also houses a 35mm well, allowing it to be mounted directly onto a speaker stand or even a subwoofer.
The base of the cabinet also houses a 35mm well, allowing it to be mounted directly onto a speaker stand or even a subwoofer using a coupling bar.

Compact 2-way PA system, 125 dB SPL
- 180W class D bi-amplification (LF:150W, HF:30W), natural cooling
- High quality coaxial compression driver (LF:8", HF:1.4")
- 5-channel digital mixer with feedback filter
- 3 mic/line inputs with phantom power, 1 mono/stereo line input
- EQ/Comp with 1-knob preset for each channel
- Ducker for automatic attenuation of background music
- High-quality SPX digital reverb, delay and chorus
- Multiband compressor on main output
- High impedance Hi-Z inputs
- Monitor/Link output
- Audio playback via Bluetooth 5.0
- Remote control via the STAGEPAS Controller app (iOS/Android)
- Brackets supplied to allow 30 or 60 degree tilt.
- 35mm well for tripod mounting
- Optional BTR-STP200 Lithium-ion battery
- Optional CASE-STP200 wheeled carrying case
- Dimensions: 300x308x301mm, Weight: 12 kg
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